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2017 | Helaiv – Too Easy [EP]

Helaiv is a musical project created by Aleh Vial, frontman of Bristeil & Hair Peace Salon.

This music can be defined as: indie pop, indietronica, experimental rock, a little trip hop, downtempo. Helaiv uses in records both live acoustics and vocals, as well as synthesized sounds and samples.

2014 | Bristeil – Cyruĺnia Svietu [EP]

Cyruĺnia Svietu (Barbershop of the World into English) is the first self made EP by Bristeil.

All four tracks were written in the Belarusian language. Two of four tracks on this EP are covers: Videa Huĺni to Lana Del Rey hit song “Video Games”, Pa-za Časam to the song “Out of Time” by Hair Peace Salon (former frontman’s Aleh Vial band with over 15 years on stage success).

Cyruĺnia Svietu is a tribute to Hair Peace Salon, because all ideas to the music and lyrics on this record came from HPS times.

Aleh Vial, frontman Bristeil.

Listen now for free & buy in multiple digital formats here. ^^

Click here to access to our extensive back music catalogue too.

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New release: Helaiv – Too Easy
New release: Helaiv – Too Easy
Helaiv is a musical project created by Aleh Vial.
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New music soon
New music soon
Taste a Vine now! 😇
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Hair Peace Salon ‘In Tune’ (Official Music Video)
Hair Peace Salon ‘In Tune’ (Official Music Video)
Aleh Vial has been kidnapped!
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Hair Peace Salon anecdote
Hair Peace Salon anecdote
Post about our name.
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Graphic shot out!
Graphic shot out!
With a HQ wallpaper!
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Hair Peace Salon
Hair Peace Salon
(Re-) animation?
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Bristeil is a unique band in the intelligent rock style with an extensive back catalogue goes from English indie-rock & power-pop Hair Peace Salon.

Since 1998 this band was on stage with a worthy success story, but in the mid of 2013 its frontman Aleh Vial (guitar, vocal) and Alex Stepanovich (drums) decided to make a new music chapter by themselves. Shortly after that two other members joined to Bristeil: Maх Bykau (lead guitar) and Gena Lukashanets (bass).

Bristeil, perhaps, is a some definite place, perhaps, there is good, but the one thing is exactly clear to us: MUSIC and SOUL are into that,” so musicians say about their band name.

To hear gentlemen’ sensual & emotional rock songs about love & living with a bit of gospel motives in native Belarusian as well as English will be an out of time impression for all ages auditory.

The first music video out now!