Store is open

Electro-Harmonix Classics English Muff'n Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal

Thanks to partnership with Big Cartel we are announced an opening our online store with worldwide shipping:

The design of Bristeil web-shop was made in similar tones to our homepage. We recommend visit it on mobile devises, because we are thinking, that mobile version is better that desktop, which is available as well. ^^

On this moment we are selling not more products. Maybe in future we can offer more goods options. But there are to buying some technical music devices like preamps, mics, pedals, which is memorable to Hair Peace Salon times our band.

On the photo:

Electro-Harmonix Classics English Muff’n Overdrive / Guitar Effects Pedal

There is a memorable item. Most of batches on the Hair Peace Salon ‘Gentleman’ album were written on this pedal. You can hear this device in the most of ‘Gentleman’s songs:

 Aleh Vial, today’s leader of Bristeil and frontman of Hair Peace Salon band in the past.

You can see more info about selected products on their store page. Maybe, if you is not a musician, you can share a link to items to your friends, which make music? We are thanking you in advance. :]

P.S. Bonus item for free: CD Album «Gentleman» by Hair Peace Salon to all goods.