The Will Gray Blueprint

will We introduce with a lot of pleasure our new partner. There is The Will Gray Blueprint – an organisation which exists to help artists in the making of their art by offering fans the opportunity to provide monetary and community support.

The name of project is dedicated to a talented musician Will Gray. One of his greatest hopes was to foster a community of people that would love and support each other, to build a place where everyone would contribute their own gifts and abilities for the betterment of the culture at large. Will knew that he would never have been able to accomplish what he did without a team of support with him at every turn. His film Broke* is dedicated to this cause also.

gaLIC00lWill Gray lost his battle with cancer in 2013. Thereafter Will’s wife Angie along with a small team of supporters launched a foundation to support independent artists — a cause that Will spent much of his life pursuing.
Currently The Will Gray Blueprint have in its catalogue for example famous artists like Jill and Kate (ex-members of Kelly Clarkson band), as well as some indie musicians too.

To check out more info about The Will Gray Blueprint and support it please visit its website:

And investigate our page there too.


P.S. Communication with their contact person was awesome: quick responses,  friendly tone and helpful conversations. Thanks, Angie!