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Bristeil is a unique band in the intelligent rock style with an extensive back catalogue goes from English indie-rock & power-pop Hair Peace Salon.

Since 1998 this band was on stage with a worthy success story, but in the mid of 2013 its frontman Aleh Vial (guitar, vocal) and Alex Stepanovich (drums) decided to make a new music chapter by themselves. Shortly after that, two other members joined to Bristeil: Maх Bykau (lead guitar) and Gena Lukashanets (bass).

Bristeil, perhaps, is a some definite place, perhaps, there is good, but the one thing is exactly clear to us: MUSIC and SOUL are into that,” so musicians say about their band name.

To hear gentlemen’ sensual & emotional rock songs about love & living with a bit of gospel motives in native Belarusian as well as English will be an out of time impression for all ages audience.

The first music video out now!

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The band name follows Eric Johnson’s song “Bristol Shore” and a collaboration between Aleh Vial and the world-famous musician and producer Tricky from BristolUK. Musicians just have corrected band’s name to “Bristeil” someday in order to not get lost among countless web-links.

In May 2014, Bristeil released its first EP called “Cyruĺnia Svietu” (Barbershop of the World into English). This record represents music results of six months work. All four tracks were written in Belarusian – the native language for all musicians. Two tracks on this EP are covers: “Videa Huĺni” of “Video Games” by Lana Del Rey, “Pa-za Časam” of “Out Of Time” by Hair Peace Salon.

Cyruĺnia Svietu is a tribute to Hair Peace Salon, because all ideas for music and lyrics on this record came from the Hair Peace Salon times, remembers the band leader Aleh Vial.

EP “Cyruĺnia Svietu” has received some positive journalists reviews and good feedback from listeners. For example, one of the famous music portals in Belarus, Tuzin.fm called this release like “pleasant, unstrained, lively, intelligent music… a beautiful and worthy debut that is deserved the highest rating.

In September 2014, the first music video on the new single “Muzyka Hučyć” (Music Sounds into English) as the Tricky’s “Unfinished Track” contest winner song was released based on a live studio session footage.

In November 2014, Tuzin.fm nominated Bristeil to the “Opening of the Year“ award.

Since April 2015, Bristeil is an ambassador of The Will Gray Blueprint foundation.

The band is planning to release a lot of new music things very soon.

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2014 – Cyruĺnia Svietu (EP)

Bristeil band is:

Aleh Vial – lead vocal, guitar.



Max Bykau – lead guitar, backing vocal.



Gena Lukashanets – bass.

Alex Stepanovich – drums.

Technical rider:

  1. Monitor line 1 (guitarist, bassist), monitor line 2 (drummer);
  2. 2x vocal microphones on booms + 2x 220V inputs on stage;
  3. 1 input for acoustic guitar (D-box);
  4. 2x guitar combo (vacuum tube amp, not less than 40W) + instrument microphones, (5+5)x 220V inputs on stage;
  5. Bass combo (not less than 40W) or 1 input for a bass combo (D-box) + 5x 220V inputs on stage;
  6. Drums kit equipped with microphones: kick drum + tom, floor tom, hi-hat stand, snare stand, 3x cymbal stands, drummer seat, additional 5x 220V inputs for drummer, carpet under drums (2×3 m2);
  7. Dressing room with 2x 220V inputs;
  8. We would be appreciative for potables drinking water, fresh and taste sandwiches. ☺

Contacts (management & media):


+375 (29) 7844992

Pavel Pernikau (mgmt.) 

+375 (29) 6082147

Aleh Vial (frontman)

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