Hair Peace Salon

Left to right: Konstantin Karman – vocals, keyboards. Aleh Vial – vocals, guitars. Maxim Devichensky – bass. Alex Stepanovich – drums.

Hi^ gi=uys! 😜

Please receive apologies from the Bristeil team for a long time without a bunch homepage and social updates, our SMM and all around manager has been very busy during last two weeks with his other significant activities, but since today he is free! ^^

We are updating little by little our archives and need your help as well! Do you familiar with Hair Peace Salon? That is a former level of Bristeil with mostly English songs! This band was formed by the frontman of Bristeil Aleh Vial and was active during the 1998–2013 years, but its path has been paused and it became reborn as Bristeil with new arrangements. Please become familiar with HPS’s back-catalogue, including indie-rock and power-pop tunes and all time hits like: ⬇

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Language question!

Language_QuestionRecently we have started a weighty pool in our VKontakte (it’s a very big social network here, more than Facebook and Twitter combined) official fan page about the language that we need to use in our social communication there.

Its first results so far are:

Russian (30%) | Belarusian (50%) | English (0%) | All three (20%)

We need more crowd coverage. Please put your vote as well here