Hair Peace Salon anecdote

Today we translated a bit from the rare interview for the Belarusian music portal XLAM from our archive. This tidbit is about Hair Peace Salon‘s band name, and we consider that extremely F_U_N! 😜


The name came up by my friend Vadim. He has been writing songs in English. He has had his own band, where he played alone constantly forcing me to listen to his songs, to read texts. I have been hooked by the title of one of his song called “Hair Peace Salon.” He had taken it from some American film, it was a sign on a house. He has not even seen this film, he just passed by a TV and saw on the screen an episode with the sign. I have once investigated the name, there were not any of such bands, there was just a hairdresser in Denver, Colorado, USA, apparently, that one from the movie. Then I have seen another appearance of this writing on a wall in the documentary about John Lennon and Yoko Ono “Hair Peace.” By the way, the name is so complex for perception and pronunciation for our people. 😉

Aleh Vial (HPS vocals & guitars)

We have been called “Happy Slon” [a happy elephant], “Hi-Fi Salon” [a hi-fi salon], “Volosaty Pes Shalun” [a hairy naughty dog], “Hey Pishut’ Salaam” [let them write salaam].

Maxim Devichensky (HPS bass) 

We have been asked, “How is your band called?” – “Hair Peace Salon.” – “How, how?” – “Her.Pis.Salon.” – “Ahh, yes, now that is clear!” 🙂

Aleh Vial (HPS vocals & guitars)

We hope you like this!