Story of us

a835ef4a46fa55d5ddf5565d9e94469eCurrently our frontman and mainly songwriter Aleh Vial is working tight on writing a section for our future submission to a new edition of the Lucienne Lovelette Artists Collections International Magazine. He is working for all four band members, because other guys are some lazy. ^^

As a proof of it, we are sharing a bit of his thoughts on the following question:

– How to distinguish good music from bad music, a talented artist from a “generic” (an artificially one, created by someone else, e.g. by a label)? ^^

There isn’t good or bad music, there are tastes, musical intelligence, musical education, musical practice. Everything is subjective in this case. As my colleague musician said, “It’s a thankless thing to offer someone to positively commend to your favorite music.” I.e., you don’t need to expect that people will experience the same emotions like you while listening to something, maybe it would be sometime later, but there isn’t now. Music sounds better in the certain mood, emotions, the environment and so on.

What about a talented artist vs. a “ a generic one”? Everything is simple, they are determined by time. A talent in someone or by something created by someone (i.e., whether it’s a person or a creature) periodically makes itself tangible, whether you like it or not. Because a genius, a talent, and beauty, the real beauty are timeless.

Aleh Vial, founder & leader of Bristeil

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